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Zürich, the largest and most populous city in Switzerland, is known for its wonderful alpine and lake panorama, excellent cuisine and charming old town. The city's location in the centre of Europe opens up many possibilities for your trip to Zürich - cheap and environmentally friendly trains or long-distance buses, but also plenty of fast flight options.

Most of the sights in Zürich are grouped in and around the old town. Central-Platz, as the name suggests, is located in the centre of Zürich and is a good starting point for exploring the city. If you walk along the banks of the Limmat River in the direction of Lake Zürich, you will pass a number of Zürich sights, such as the Renaissance-style town hall and the Großmünster with its characteristic twin towers. Once you arrive at the lakeside, you have a wonderful panoramic view of the city and lake from Bellevue and Bürkliplatz. Those who climb Zürich's local mountain, the Uetliberg with its Uto Kulm peak, will be rewarded with a wonderful view of Zürich and its sights beneath the snow-covered Alps.

Typical for the city of Zürich is its Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, a speciality made from veal, veal kidneys, mushrooms and a cream sauce. Rösti, a potato speciality baked in hot butter or fat, is often served as a side dish across the German-speaking part of Switzerland. During the Christmas season, you can order Tirggel, a honey pastry decorated with a picture.

Zürich Central Station is one of the largest hubs in Switzerland and easily accessible from all directions. There are direct connections from Stuttgart, Munich, Paris or Vienna. Long-distance buses stop at the Zürich bus station, a few-minute walk from the main train station. Zürich Airport is about 13 km north of the city.


Where is Zürich in Switzerland?

The city of Zürich is located in the northeast of Switzerland, in the Canton (region) also named Zürich.

What language is spoken in Zürich?

Zürich is located in one of the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland. So, the official language in Zürich is German, while the colloquial language Swiss German.

What is Zürich called in Italian?

Zürich's Italian name is Zurigo.

When did Zürich join the Swiss Confederation?

Zürich became a member of the Swiss Confederation in 1351. Before, it was a free imperial city, having developed from the Roman base Turicum.

How do I get around in Zürich?

Since Zürich's sights can mainly be found in the old town, you can make good progress on foot. For shorter distances you can also take a bus or tram, most of which are operated by the Zürich Public Transport Authority (VBZ). In total, Zürich has 15 tram lines, more than 50 bus lines as well as the Rigiblick cable car. These lines are complemented by the S-Bahn services of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), Sihltal Zürich Uetliberg Bahn SZU AG and the privately-operated Dolderbahn.

When can I experience traditional events in Zürich?

If you want to experience traditional events, you should plan your visit for April or September. The "Sechseläuten" is a fire and spring festival where a snowman figure symbolizing winter (the "Böögg") is filled with wood wool and firecrackers, then burned. For four days in mid-September, the Knabenschiessen target shooting competition brings locals and visitors to Albisgüetli square in a folk festival mood.

What can you do in Zürich when it rains?

Zürich offers an incredibly high density of galleries. For art lovers, the route to the central Rämistrasse is particularly worthwhile, here you will find a large number of galleries within a few steps of each other. Other museums to recommend include the Kunsthaus Zürich, the Museum Rietberg or the Swiss National Museum.

What are the excursion destinations near Zürich?

The mountain massif Rigi about 50 km south of Zürich is a true paradise for hiking, while the small, picturesque village of Rapperswil awaits you right on Lake Zürich. Many 13th Century buildings have been preserved in Zürich’s old town, and the largest waterfall in Europe - the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen - is less than an hour's drive.

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