The gift of greener travel

The gift of greener travel

We've offset your CO₂ emissions this December

The gift of greener travel

fromAtoB has offset the CO₂ emissions for every booking during the month of December.

Our gift to you this holiday season was to 100 % offset the carbon footprint of any trip booked in the month of December 2019. Anytime, anywhere, by any mode of transport − we paid 1 € per 40 kg of CO₂ to Atmosfair on your behalf.


Last updated January 2, 2020

Helping you make informed decisions

Bus, train, flight or rideshare? Every mode of transport has a different CO₂ footprint. At fromAtoB we want you to be well informed every time you book a trip, so we show the CO₂ emissions of every journey on our site, along with price, travel time and stopovers.

You can also use our CO₂ tags and sorting feature to find the lower emission options for your travel needs.


How do we calculate the emissions?


We analyse the CO₂ emissions for each type of transport offered on our site.


Our advanced algorithm calculates CO₂ emissions based on several factors, such as the mode of transport, route length and number of stopovers.


We label the individual results with the amount of CO₂ emitted in kilograms, so you can sort to make more informed decisions.

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