Saver Fare Europe & Super Saver Fare Europe

Saver Fare Europe & Super Saver Fare Europe

Saver Fare Europe & Super Saver Fare Europe

The Deutsche Bahn saver deals for Europe

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17 countries


from € 18.90 per person


long-distance trains

The Deutsche Bahn Saver fare Europe (German name: Sparpreis Europa) and Super saver fare Europe (Super Sparpreis Europa) put 17 countries at your feet, from just € 18.90 (on shorter routes). The (Super) Saver fare Europe lets you discover an entire continent with ICE, TGV and other express trains, you just need to get one of the allocated discount tickets. It's therefore advisable to book your tickets early in advance.

Here's everything you need to know about the (Super) Saver fare Europe:

(Super) Saver fare Europe / (Super) Sparpreis Europa
Single ticket
Saver fare Europe: from € 22.40 / € 31.40 (2nd + 1st class)
Super saver fare Europe: from € 18.90 / € 27.90 (2nd + 1st class)
+ 25% BahnCard discount on German routes
Bookable 180 days in advance
All DB and partner long-distance trains:
ICE, IC / EC, RJ, ECE, TGV and IC bus
Routes to 17 European countries

What do you need to know?

A group travel trick

The Deutsche Bahn (Super) Saver fare Europe is generally sold as a single ticket, there is one special feature: sold as a single ticket, but there is a special feature: if you book for up to five people at the same time, everyone gets the same price - even if there is and only one (Super) Saver fare Europe available! Just make sure that everyone is booked together and entered on a ticket. If you have a BahnCard, you can also add a BahnCard discount when you book (see below).

Surcharges & discounts

BahnCard: This gives you a discount on all (Super) Saver fares from Deutsche Bahn. They are available in 25%, 50% or 100% versions, so you can get tickets for a lot less than the € 18.90 price!
Children & Adolescents: Children up to 14 years of age travel free of charge with the (Super) Saver fare Europe. France and Sweden are exceptions, where they only travel free on the German sections of the route.
Seat reservations: You get a served seat automatically with any 1st class ticket, and you can book a seat for 2nd class. France is an exception, where you also have an automatic seat reserved in 2nd class.


17 countries including Germany can be reached with the Deutsche Bahn (Super) Saver fare Europe. Here is an overview of the major destinations you can reach with European long-distance rail transport:

Connections in Europe

Country Possible connections
Belgium Brussels (7 times a day from Cologne)
Denmark Copenhagen (up to 7 times a day from Hamburg),
Aarhus via Jutland (up to 3 times a day from Hamburg)
France Paris (several times a day from Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Mannheim and Karlsruhe)
Strasbourg, Lyon, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille (from Frankfurt)
Netherlands Amsterdam (8 times a day from Frankfurt, 6 times a day from Berlin)
Italy Bolzano, Verona, Venice (5 times a day from Munich), Milan (from Frankfurt)
Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan (from Munich in the Nightjet)
Croatia Zagreb (from Munich or Frankfurt)
Great Britain London (from Germany via Brussels)
Luxembourg Luxembourg (from Cologne or Munich)
Austria Various destinations e.g. Tyrol or Carinthia (37 direct connections)
Poland Warsaw, Poznan (4 times a day from Berlin)
Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia (daily from Berlin)
Wroclaw, Katowice, Kraków (IC bus from Berlin)
Sweden Copenhagen, Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm (from Hamburg)
Switzerland Various destinations e.g Lucerne or Interlaken (40 times a day direct)
Various departures e.g. Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich
Slovakia Bratislava (from Munich or Hamburg)
Slovenia Ljubljana (from Munich)
Czech Republic Prague (6 times a day from Berlin, 4 times a day from Hamburg)
Hungary Budapest (daily from Munich or Hamburg)

The fares in comparison

Conditions Super saver fare Europe Saver fare Europe
Price from € 18.90 (2nd class)
from € 27.90 (1st class)
from € 22.40 (2nd class)
from € 31.40 (1st class)
City ticket in Germany not included included
Cancellation not possible for a fee of € 10,
payment in voucher form

Book the (Super) Saver fare Europe with fromAtoB

The Deutsche Bahn European economy tickets are limited, so early bookers stay one step ahead - you can book the (Super) Saver fare Europe from 180 days before your trip. If you search on fromAtoB, you can find the cheapest tickets including any deals, so we show any available Deutsche Bahn (Super) Saver fare Europe tickets automatically.

Other cheap train tickets for Germany

Super saver fare, Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket, Länderticket: do you already know the other cheap options for getting from A to B by train?

Super saver fare

The fastest trains across the country from as little as € 17.90! The Super saver (German name: Super Sparpreis) fares are among the most attractive DB tickets, so grab your tickets as soon as possible!

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Day ticket for Germany

This ticket is characterised by the free choice of local trains and offers and group sizes of up to five people. The Day ticket for Germany (German name: Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket) is valid across Germany and throughout the day.

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Regional day ticket

The Regional day tickets (German name: Länderticket) are the small version of the Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket. They are usually valid for only one federal state, making them cheaper than the Day ticket for Germany.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there seat reservations?

The saver and super saver tickets include seat reservations in 1st class, and you can pay an additional € 4 to reserve them in 2nd class. The only exception is France, where your seat reservation is always included in your fare.

Which trains can I take?

The (Super) Saver fares apply to the fastest trains: ICE, IC / EC, RJ, ECE and TGV, as well as the IC bus. Once you have bought your ticket, you can only take trains on the selected route. To travel to/from the long-distance station, you can also take local trains (e.g. RE, RB, IRE or S-Bahn) if you select that specific route when booking and it is indicated on the ticket.

What happens in the event of delays?

If a train is delayed meaning that you will arrive more than 20 minutes late to your final destination, you can take another train on the same route or on another route to the same final destination without needing to buy another ticket.

Do children get cheaper tickets?

The usual rules of the Deutsche Bahn also apply to children when it comes to the Saver Fare Europe and Super saver fare Europe: children up to 5 years of age travel for free, and you can take children or grandchildren up to 14 years free of charge if they are stated on the ticket. This rule does not apply in France and Sweden!

Can I re-book my (Super) Saver fare or get a refund?

Cancellation is the biggest difference between the Saver fare Europe and the Super saver fare Europe. While you can’t cancel a Super saver fare Europe for a refund, you can return the Saver fare Europe for a fee of € 10 and receive the remaining ticket value in voucher form.

Is the (Super) saver fare Europe transferable?

Tickets bought online cannot be passed on to third parties, but physical tickets can. Any resale is prohibited!

Why can't I find a ticket?

There is only a limited number of tickets per route. If they run out, you can only purchase regular Flexible fares. If you don’t find an offer at all, it is either because there is generally no Super saver fare available for the route or the price could only be determined for part of the route.

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