About fromAtoB

About fromAtoB

Travel Your Way

Our Mission is to transform the world of mobility. Everyday commute or an epic adventure, we help you to make smart travel decisions.

Planning and buying travel can be stressful. A jungle of competing, confusing options. fromAtoB frees your time and mind by minimizing the amount of energy you put into finding the perfect journey. We want to be your travel companion, always striving to meet your needs and support you all the way. From A to B and back again.

Our story

We began in 2008 as an idea in the heads of three university classmates from Aachen, Germany. Trips home were a headache. Consulting countless travel websites, comparing buses, trains and other means of transport in a spreadsheet.

So they set out to build the best multi-modal search engine for travel across Germany and Europe, with support from the EU commission and the German government.

Now we help travellers find their perfect trip, with 1.5m searches per month.

Our Promise

We know that everyone loves to travel differently and that your needs change from trip to trip. So we give you all the options.

Need to get there fast?
Our unique algorithm combines options for various modes of transport. Mix & Match planes, trains and automobiles to get you there as fast as possible.

Looking for a cheap getaway?
Use our price filter to find bargains from routes with changeovers, off-peak travel times or longer durations. Search results are always up-to-date and transparent, so you can book the cheapest route for your trip.

Conscious of your emissions contributions?
Every journey has an environmental impact, but emissions vary a lot depending on the mode of transport. We calculate how much CO2 each trip would emit, so you can sort your options to choose the most sustainable.

Our people

In the past decade, we have grown from three students into an international family with more than 70 members, spanning over 30 countries of origin in our Berlin office.

We nurture a culture of trust, responsibility and ownership. It’s the only way we can move towards our mission of transforming the world of mobility. We support each other and share knowledge to have a positive impact.

About you

That’s enough about us. What about you?

Are you interested in joining an energetic, diverse team, to change the face of mobility?

We’re hiring, so please get in touch!

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