All across Germany from € 17.90

All across Germany from € 17.90

All across Germany from € 17.90

The super saver fares of Deutsche Bahn

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Key facts about the ticket

The € 17.90 super saver fares are by far the cheapest tickets for DB long-distance trains:

  • € 17.90 (2nd class), € 26.90 (1st class)
  • valid for ICE and IC/EC trains (tickets issued for a specific train)
  • additional 25 % discount with BahnCard 25 or BahnCard 50
  • 1st class tickets include a seat reservation
  • no exchanges or refunds
  • limited number of tickets

Booking a (super) saver fare

fromAtoB automatically integrates all saver fares and super saver fares into your search, you won’t have to spend time researching and comparing prices! The tickets are available from 180 days prior to your travel date. Booking early can be particularly beneficial as the super saver fares can be sold out quickly, especially on popular routes. By the way, (super) saver fares of Deutsche Bahn are also available for European routes. So pick your destination, find your ticket and travel super cheap!

When are the (super) saver fares available?

Small contingents of the popular super saver fares are always available. Additionally, there are two or three special offers per year, during which Deutsche Bahn offers up to 1 million additional super saver fares. The exact starting date of those special offers is not revealed until shortly before the sale begins. However, users who have subscribed to the fromAtoB newsletter will be among the first ones to know!

Super saver fare and saver fare at a glance

Conditions Super saver fare Saver fare
Price from € 17.90 (2nd class)
from € 26.90 (1st class)
from € 21.50 (2nd class)
from € 32.30 (1st class)
City ticket for Germany not included included
Cancellation not possible possible (an extra charge of € 10 applies
and a voucher will be issued)

Frequently asked questions

What is the € 17.90 ticket?

The super saver fares are the cheapest tickets Deutsche Bahn has to offer for long-distance trains. They allow you to travel all across Germany at a small price. Since the beginning of August, they are officially called super saver fares („Super Sparpreis”).

Which trains can be used with the € 12.90-tickets?

You can book € 17.90-tickets for all long-distance train services (ICE, IC, EC). A combination of regional and long-distance trains is possible too, yet additional costs will arise. The € 17.90-tickets cannot be booked for regional trains only (RE, IRE, RB).

How many € 17.90-tickets are there and for which trains can they be bought

There is no information by Deutsche Bahn on the exact number of tickets for a certain connection. However, it is known that there is a contingent of tickets for each train. The exact number of tickets is not revealed by Deutsche Bahn though. Therefore, the earlier you book, the better your chances of making a bargain.

When can I book the € 17.90-tickets and how long are they available?

There is always a contingent of € 17.90-tickets, you just have to find them. It is best to start looking for them early in advance.

When is the best time to book the cheap € 12.90-tickets?

There are two things that you should keep in mind in order to get the best value for your money: Firstly, you should book as far in advance as possible. The bargain tickets are quickly booked out for popular connections, weekends or holidays (e.g. Xmas). Secondly, the best time to book your ticket is in the morning. Why? Because DB usually unlocks new contingents of cheap tickets overnight, Sunday night in particular.

What is the difference between the saver fare and the super saver fare?

Super saver fares cannot be exchanged or refunded. Saver fares, however, can be cancelled at a fee of € 10 (a voucher will be given to you). Furthermore, the super saver fare doesn’t include the City Ticket or access to the DB Lounges in 1st class.

Should I make a seat reservation?

You can buy tickets for all of the DB trains, always. Hence there are no fully booked trains at Deutsche Bahn, which has a big advantage and a big disadvantage. The advantage: you can always board the train of your choice. And the downside: the train may be crammed on popular routes or on busy days. Therefore, reserving a seat for the additional price of € 4.00 is usually worth it.

How much is the super saver fares for children?

Children up to and including 5 years of age travel free of charge and without a ticket. Children between 6 and 14 years of age travel free of charge when they are accompanied by their parents or grandparents. In order to allow your children or grandchildren to travel free of charge, you must specify this when booking your ticket.

Are there super saver fares for 1st class tickets too?

Yes! The 1st class super saver fares are available for as little as € 26.90. Since many bargain hunters don't have this on their radars at all, these tickets are usually not sold out as quickly as the tickets for 2nd class. Furthermore, 1st class tickets already include a seat reservation.

I missed my train - what now?

Saver fares and super saver fares are basically valid for the train you’ve booked, i.e. you are only allowed to travel on the train which is indicated on the ticket. However, if you miss a connecting train due to the fault of Deutsche Bahn - sleeping and dawdling is not an excuse - you can take the next possible train to continue your journey. Note: you may only take a regional train instead of a cancelled regional train (not ICE/IC/EC) and another IC/EC or regional trains instead of an IC/EC; you are allowed to use all long-distance and regional trains instead of a cancelled ICE. Tip: Go to the DB staff and have them give you a written confirmation of the delay, so you will be on the safe side.

Can another person travel with my ticket?

Deutsche Bahn tickets are named and only valid in combination with an ID document. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your ticket to another person.

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