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How to get cheap train tickets in Europe

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Do you need a train ticket to get around Europe? Here we give you some tips for finding especially cheap train tickets, give you an overview of the providers, then answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions.

The first stop for cheap tickets is the simplest. Our search engine:

  1. Enter your starting point and destination
  2. Select travel date (and return date if needed)
  3. Hit Search! Use our filters to specify your needs: means of transport (train in this case), along with departure and arrival time, price and transfers.
  4. Book your train tickets directly from us, cheap and convenient.

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The Cheapest Way to Travel Europe by train

Cheap tickets are easy to get if you follow four simple tips:

  1. Stay informed! fromAtoB is your travel expert, and our newsletter tells you when cheap train tickets and special offers are available.
  2. The early bird catches the cheap train tickets. Saver prices are available 180 days in advance but run out fast. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get them.
  3. Save by upgrading. You can still book DB saver tickets for 1st class, even long after they ran out in 2nd class. The good news is that fromAtoB automatically shows you the cheapest train tickets in every class.
  4. Avoid daylight! The best offers sell out fastest during popular travel times. For cheap tickets at short notice, look for connections in the early morning or late evening.

Cheap train tickets

Providers and routes

  • Deutsche Bahn AG (Germany)

"The train", as Deutsche Bahn confidently calls itself. DB not only transports the most passengers through Germany but also owns the infrastructure: rails and stations. They offer various discount tickets, for example the Super saver fare or the Super saver fare Europe.

  • Flixtrain (Germany)

The route network is small, but the tickets are unbeatably cheap and the trains are fast. Flixtrain is the only real competition to DB when it comes to German train travel.

  • Thalys (France, Belgium, Germany)

Moving outside Germany, Thalys runs a route between France, Belgium and Germany (from Dortmund to Paris), while two routes connect France and the Netherlands (Paris to Amsterdam and Lille to Amsterdam). The red express trains are the result of a cooperation between French, Belgian and German railways.

  • ÖBB - Austrian Federal Railways (Austria)

What DB is to Germany, ÖBB is to Austria. They run a dense rail network with different train types and various tariff options.

  • SBB - Swiss Federal Railways (Switzerland)

Then, the Swiss have SBB. A dense route network with excellent punctuality and maximum comfort, you can enjoy it for cheap with their saver tickets (Sparbillett).

  • Trenitalia (Italy)

Italy's largest railway company transports half a billion travellers per year. They offer regional and long-distance routes, on their high-speed or regular trains, with prices ranging from expensive to cheap (under € 10).

  • Italo (Italy)

The Italo express trains whiz through the countryside on four essential routes, from Turin to Salerno and Ancona, from Venice to Salerno and Verona to Naples.

  • SNCF - French National Railway Company (France)

The state railway company of France runs 7,500 TER (Transport express régional) trains every day, covering 20 regions. They also offer the multiple record-holding TGV high-speed-trains that operate on intercity routes across the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy train tickets?

It's best to buy train tickets from the experts! With fromAtoB, you can see all train connections and prices from various providers. You can also book directly through each provider, but our platform allows you to easily compare them with each other, with other modes of transport and book immediately!

When should you book a train to get the cheapest tickets?

As a rule, train tickets are available up to 180 days (six months) in advance, and train tickets become more expensive over time. This means that the earlier you book, the more likely they will be cheaper! The exception to this rule is when providers like Deutsche Bahn announce special offers or publish the new timetable in autumn - before this point, you can only buy tickets until the timetable change. When this happens, the price of train tickets can drop quite a lot.

Where do I find my carriage on the train?

You will find an information board on the platform that gives you the order for all trains. Find your train number and go to the corresponding part of the platform marked with letters. If the carriage order changes, this is announced out loud at the station or on the displays.

How do I cancel or rebook train tickets?

If you booked via fromAtoB, you can also cancel with us if the type of ticket allows it. Simply go to "My Tickets" in your user account, select the ticket and cancel it. You can then re-book your ticket with us. Note: Some tickets like the DB Saver fare (Sparpreis) or Super saver fare (Super Sparpreis) can only be cancelled for a fee.

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