IMS, the intermodal search

IMS, the intermodal search

Combine multiple means of transport for more relevant results

IMS, the intermodal search

What is “IMS”? "InterModal Search" may sound bulky, but it is a revolution in travel search that will take your travel options to a new level. Instead of simply searching different types of transport for a journey and requiring you to choose (aka "multimodal"), intermodal search allows you to combine different means of transport in connections within the journey.

Intermodal search = better results!

Does your ideal journey include a train, then a plane, then a bus? fromAtoB's groundbreaking improved algorithm removes the huge hurdle of searching and planning your ideal journey on more complicated routes. Search once, get relevant results. IMS not only provides you with more and better ways to get to your destination; it opens up a large number of connections that can only be found using IMS.

Intermodale Suche

The benefits of IMS

Mehr Möglichkeiten

Find more

55% of the search results on our platform are only possible due to IMS. It opens out the world.

Bessere Entscheidungen

Decide better

Cheaper, faster or greener? Transport combinations make it even easier to tailor your trip perfectly to your needs.


Plan quicker

Relevant results from 750 providers in under 2 seconds. Less planning, more time looking forward to your trip.

The fromAtoB challenge: IMS in competition with other providers

We are sure: The intelligent combination of means of transport not only provides significantly more connections and significantly more relevant results. It also does so incredibly fast. Are we mouthing off too much? We put it to the test against other providers:

Frequent Asked Questions

How do I recognise IMS search results?

Connections with several means of transport can be recognised in the fromAtoB search results as there will be more than one provider logo on the left. Also, the “means of transport” bar at the bottom gives an overview of your route with the help of icons and abbreviations. You can find all the details by clicking on the arrow to the right to open it.

Are IMS connections always better?

Not, especially on routes between larger cities, where direct connection by train, bus, flight or by carpooling might suit your journey best. IMS can be helpful if your start point or destination is not a big city, the start- and end-points of your journey are far apart, or you have very specific requirements. For example, if you want to arrive as quickly, cheaply or environmentally friendly as possible, or you want to combine your requirements to find the perfect trip. Ever better, our search will automatically show you whether IMS results could be important for you!

What do I have to do to find IMS connections?

Search for your journey via fromAtoB as usual. The only requirement to see IMS results is that you have selected more than one mode of transport. Our intelligent algorithm will automatically show you relevant combinations of different means of transport.

How do I book IMS connections?

When booking intermodal trips via fromAtoB, the process doesn't change. Either you can complete your booking directly with us with a few clicks, or we will forward you to book with the respective provider for each part of your trip.

How is the transfer between different stops regulated?

If your trip includes more than one means of transport, smaller sections may not yet be included in the fromAtoB travel plan. For example, the transfer from the airport to the main train station in a city. In this case, you will find a red box in the details of the IMS search result with the estimated travel time, to remind you that for now you have to organize the transfer yourself.

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