Dear fromAtoB customers,

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that we must unfortunately discontinue our product fromAtoB, after 12 years.
This year has been a tough one for many people. No one could really foresee the impact that this pandemic would have on personal lives, or the economy.
After months of working hard and hoping for better times, we have to face up to the fact that the travel industry has not recovered.

New searches and bookings cannot be initiated after 28.12.2020. The order search and access to customer accounts will, however, remain available for the time being.
Therefore, we ask that you download and securely save all your invoices and tickets, up to 26.01.2021.

We would like to thank all our customers from the bottom of our hearts for their loyalty and support over the years.
We have enjoyed the product and your feedback, and look back on this time with pleasure.

Your fromAtoB team


Can I still access my customer account?
Yes, you can access and download your tickets and invoices until 26.01.2021.

Is customer support still available?
Yes, customer support will continue to be available until 27.01.2021, to help you with any questions or concerns that arise. You can reach us by e-mail via [email protected].
For questions regarding cancellations or rebookings after 27.01.2021, please contact the support teams of the respective providers directly.

Do the tickets remain valid?
Yes, all booked tickets remain valid and can be used as planned.